Carrer Sant Honorat 7 • ES-08002 Barcelona
Òscar Escuder i de la Torre President

Currently gathering more than 20,000 members, Plataforma per la Llengua has been working to promote and defend the Catalan language and the linguistic rights of the Catalan-speaking communities since 1993. The association also works diligently to create a more cohesive and open Europe that is sensitive to cultural and linguistic diversity. The main objectives are the following:

A/ Promoting the use of the Catalan language and disseminate the Catalan culture among migrants and refugees that reside in the Catalan-speaking territories
B/ Working for a cohesive and inclusive society with citizens that assume multiculturalism as a value
C/ Promoting cultural rights, national and linguistic conscience and consumer rights
D/ Improving the presence of Catalan in the field of business, labelling, publicity and in the social field in general terms
E/ Increasing the diffusion of press, broadcasting and other cultural products in Catalan
F/ Raising awareness in society and increase information about the use of the Catalan language
G/ Developing community actions of insertion of migrants and refugees through the use of the Catalan language
H/ Promoting any other course of action which is necessary for the development of the objectives of the organisation.

Plataforma per la Llengua is a member of FUEN since 2018.


Non-Kin-State members