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Nicolas Desachy President

The Associacion Occitana de Fotbòl was created in 2005 under the name AOB (name changed in 2011). It is an association under the law of 1901, recognized as an association of General Interest by the Public Finance Administration. Its aim is to promote and disseminate the Occitan language and culture through sport. The Associacion Occitana de Fotbòl is a member of FUEN since 2013.

Occitania (Occitània in Occitan) is a historic region in south-western Europe where Occitan was the predominant vernacular. In the current sense, this term designates the territory in which Occitan (Romance language) has been used since the 20th century until today. Occitania covers most of southern France, the alpine valleys of western Piedmont in Italy, the Val d'Aran in Spain and Monaco, covering an area of around 190,000 km2. It has approximately fifteen million inhabitants, of which approximately 20% are inhabitants born outside the territory.


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