Süderstr. 6 • D-25821 Bredstedt/Bräist

Ute Jessen Chairwoman

Friisk Foriining was founded in 1923 and currently has 600 members. The most important aim of Friisk Foriining is to preserve and promote the Frisian language and culture. Friisk Foriining is a member of FUEN since 1949.

Besides the Danes, Sorbs and the Sinti and Roma, the Frisians are the fourth officially recognised national minority in the Federal Republic of Germany. The settlement area of the North Frisians lies on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein in the district of North Frisia and the island of Helgoland. Since 1990, the Frisian ethnic group has been protected and promoted according to Article 5 of the state constitution. The Frisian language is the most important identification feature of the North Frisians. It is actively spoken by around 10,000 people. 


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