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Karl-Peter Schramm Chairman
The purpose of the association is the promotion of the recognised autochthonous regional and minority languages of Germany and the promotion of exchange with other regional and minority languages in Europe. The linguistic diversity of Europe is to be brought into the public awareness as a European cultural asset worthy of special protection. The association feels particularly committed to the principles and objectives of the "European Bureau for Less Used Languages - EBLUL". Representatives of a total of 6 language groups belong to the German committee: Danish minority, Low German, North Frisians, Sater Frisians, Sinti and Roma, Sorbs. The Committee sees an important task in the coordinated representation of the interests of the language groups. This includes the establishment of informative networks in which, for example, experiences in dealing with the media and in the field of language didactics can be exchanged.

The European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages has existed since 1982 and has since been committed to the interests of regional and minority languages in Europe. It accompanied the elaboration of the European Language Charter and is committed to its consistent implementation in the European states. 

EBLUL Germany - Committee for regional and minority languages is a member of FUEN since 2012.


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