“Recognize Us”: A New Anthem for European Minorities

On 2 June 2024, the heavy metal band “Skalnastal” from Tønder, Sønderjylland, Denmark, started recording their new song “Recognize Us”. This track, dedicated to all European minorities, is now available globally online.

The band members Michael Tegge, Gonne Jensen, Dan Asbjörn, and Björn Rahböck Andresen are all Frisians and Danes from both North and South Schleswig. “Skalnastal” has previously released CDs in 2019 and 2021. FUEN Vice-President and WG Non-Kin-State spokesperson Bahne Bahnsen, a heavy metal fan himself, was present at the recording sessions and expressed great enthusiasm for the new song: "I'm thrilled with Recognize Us! I also love the Pink Floyd song I wish you were here, for example. Apart from that, I go more in the direction of Sting."

You can listen to “Recognize Us” on YouTube here. Additionally, the song is available for download on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.


Photo: Bahne Bahnsen